Local Perspective, International Standards

Top-Tier Senior Advisors for Strategic Organizational Solutions

The senior advisory service team at Walden is composed of outstanding independent professionals that offer top-quality local experience, international perspective, and tailored management services. Walden’s excellent senior advisors gained their skills at multinational companies in Thailand and the surrounding region. We are your go-to source for on-demand business expertise.

We are your prime source of focused business intellectual capital on demand.

Local Perspective, International Standards

Readily Available Expertise

Walden’s senior advisory team embeds robust industry insights and experience into every project to optimize learning curves and create customer and client credibility by increasing each project’s likelihood of succeeding.


Our solutions are adaptable at any intensity and pace and are particularly suitable for client projects that are too fast or small for major consulting firms. We dedicate our time and effort to the client’s immediate analysis needs and put the client in complete control.

Temporary Executive Placement Services

Walden’s clients can designate a GM-level or C-level manager to crucial positions in order to assume leadership positions or fill critical roles during times of dramatic change.

Immediate Leadership

All our clients have direct access to leading executives to solve immediate challenges or bridge critical gaps.

Project Execution

Walden’s Senior Advisory Services Group comprises top-tier independent professionals that elevate and advance your essential initiatives, such as launching new products or markets or instating independent leaders for pivotal projects. Crucial initiatives may also entail providing experienced professionals to lead functions, divisions, or businesses in times of uncertainty or change.

Particular Project Areas

Walden’s senior advisors deliver unrivaled assistance based on local experience for the following projects:

  • Pharmaceutical and consumer products market advice
  • Local and international supply-chain development
  • Loan or pre-IPO industry-specific advisory services
  • Global expansion development
  • Creating new infrastructures for human resources
  • Strategic communications in the industry

Walden also assists in the following operations-specific corporate projects:

  • Cost reductions
  • Implementation of strategies
  • Change management
  • Performance improvement
  • Launches of new products
  • Realignment of sales forces
  • Integration after merger

Benefits of Partnering With Walden

Clients have access to top-tier industry experts to leverage unparalleled experience and expertise to advance crucial projects. At Walden, we deliver all solutions with

The Necessary Skills: We offer critical expertise when your project most needs it.

Speed: We deliver the capacity and skills required to further crucial goals rapidly.

Value: We offer an immense return on investment regarding risk mitigation and time-to-market.

Distinct Efficiency: Executives are well-versed in functioning optimally in challenging circumstances in the absence of long-term agendas and biases.

Flexibility: We nurture adaptability in periods of change and uncertainty without demanding an immediate permanent hire.

Standard Project Lengths: Our projects typically endure for three to six months. However, some projects last anywhere from one to 18 months.

We preserve our client’s right to maintain control and specify which experts they wish to work with. With a thorough description of your requirements, we will identify the appropriate professional or team of experts for your project.