Local Perspective, International Standards

Recruiting Word-Class Leaders

Recruiting excellent professionals with premium skills and performance is a pivotal challenge for organizations. Walden provides the solution by headhunting only the best talent with unrivaled leadership executive search services.

Our headhunting unit is committed to recruiting exceptional C-level executives, such as Chief Executive Officers, Chief Marketing Officers, Chief Operating Officers, Chief Technology Officers, Chief Sales Officers, Chief Financial Officers, Chief People Officers, and Chief Information Officers.

Our unparalleled local experience, world-class expertise, and wide-reaching network of valuable relationships set us apart as a leader in the industry. At Walden, our clients acquire top-level talent, guaranteeing optimal career decisions and growth.

Expert Global Talent Acquisition for Sustainable Growth

Our approach entails a comprehensive consultation with our client to establish standards and expectations. At Walden, we have an in-depth understanding of the executive talent market in Thailand.

We strive to understand our client’s organizational culture, expectations, and internal dynamics. Walden identifies what elements drive your organization to success and what steps need to be taken to ensure long-lasting and sustainable growth.

Our all-encompassing local experience and international expertise enable us to deliver only the best talent suited for your organization, with an emphasis on discovering the in-depth intricacies of the industry and your company.

By trusting Walden with your headhunting needs, you partner with leading executive search consultants who follow true and tested processes intended to recruit top-class candidates.

We offer a hands-on service that optimizes the interests of all involved parties by prioritizing your individual requirements.

Proven Track Record

Our team of respected executives specializes in recruiting exceptional candidates for the executive needs of Asian conglomerates, Fortune 500 companies, and international joint ventures.

Walden has provided respected companies with hundreds of high-performing chief executive officers and directors across an expansive spectrum of industries.

Client Expectations

Recruiting Top-Class Candidates

As with management consulting, executive search aims to assist companies in defining their executive positions, identifying competent candidates, and recruiting world-class talent by following a comprehensively tested and quality-assured process.

Walden presents companies with a wide selection of suitable candidates that have undergone extensive assessments covering the following areas:

  • Background and education
  • Experience and position-related achievements
  • Primary strengths and weaknesses as they relate to the position
  • Motivational, interpersonal, and intellectual competencies
  • Cultural alignment
  • Motivation for the role
  • Financial expectations

Interviewing Process

We discuss arrangements for interviews along with any other interview-related issues with the client. As soon as interviews conclude, we request your feedback and comments and assist in conducting a comprehensive analysis and assessment of each candidate.

Candidate availability and the nature of the vacant position, among other factors, determine the timespan of an effective search, which can vary from weeks to months.

Walden provides continuous progress reports to ensure you stay updated, and if the search process endures longer than expected or does not yield the desired results, we pledge to keep you informed on any alternative methods that may be more effective.

Ethical Conduct and Professionalism

Once you have identified a suitable candidate for the position, our priority is to assist in onboarding the new hire to facilitate successful integration. Walden focuses on acting in the best interest of both our client and their acquired talent to ensure optimal utilization and development of the candidate’s experience, skills, and motivation.

Walden represents all involved parties with professionalism and integrity to ensure a positive experience across the board. We strive to facilitate and nurture the creation of long-lasting relationships with our clients and the talent we recruit.

Uncompromised Confidentiality

Walden handles client information with absolute confidentiality, and we vow to only disclose information to candidates on a need-to-know basis. Your information is strictly used to facilitate the search process.

Candidate Expectations

Uncompromised Confidentiality

The opportunities you pursue to grow professionally are a discreet and confidential matter, and Walden respects this. Becoming a candidate for executive search involves some measure of risk, but with Walden, you can rest assured that your personal information will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

In order to preserve your privacy, Walden goes to the following measures:

  • We correspond directly with you, and no one else
  • We never discuss your candidacy with anyone without obtaining your permission
  • We require clients to handle your information with discretion and confidentiality
  • We never contact your provided references without your permission

It is crucial to note that you are only considered an official candidate once Walden has completed an initial assessment of your suitability and competency for the position and you have shown a sincere motivation to pursue the position.

Walden puts a great deal of emphasis on your development as a professional, and our consultants recognize that your success is also our success.

Complete Disclosure

For a candidate to make a fully informed decision, they must have a clear understanding of Walden, the organization they wish to work for, and the position they wish to fill. We ensure that all appointments are fully managed, and if we are retained, we operate under a clear and exclusive contract with the organization in question. Therefore, every candidate is assured that we have confidential access to the organization and hold their attention and commitment.

You are still in the process of being assessed to be a candidate during the first conversation you have with the client. At this stage, Walden has no obligation to disclose any client or position information. You will gain access to more information once being accepted as a potential candidate for the position. Such information includes

  • Relevant client information
  • The positional requirements and nature
  • The compensation plan

Even as a potential candidate, you may not have access to particular client information until it becomes relevant at the final stage of recruitment.

Ethical Conduct and Professionalism

Walden offers unparalleled insight into career development and practices professionalism in every possible way. We have an in-depth understanding of the employment laws in Thailand and apply them at every necessary stage during the headhunting process. Some ways in which Walden exercises impeccable professionalism include

  • Conducting a well-structured interview
  • Having a deep understanding of the vacant position
  • Applying our detailed knowledge of the client and the market
  • Always being honest and transparent toward candidates

We pledge to give every candidate an honest appraisal based on our knowledge of the client’s requirements and what the position entails. Walden is committed to guiding you to positions and organizations well-suited for your particular skill set and personality type.

Consistent and Calm

Walden aims to collaborate optimally with clients to ensure candidates are presented with the appropriate information at the right time. However, it is important to note that while we represent the organization, we cannot fully control their communication with you throughout the process. If any contradictions regarding the information we provide arise, we will gladly clarify any uncertainties upon request.

Excellent headhunting is achieved when candidates have the opportunity to consider their decision thoroughly. At Walden, we never pressure candidates to accept or decline an offer without adequate time for consideration. If any deadlines apply, we will ensure you are well-informed about the client’s requirements and the implications that may arise if they aren’t met.

Regular Updates

Every candidate has the right to know how the process progresses at any time. Therefore, we promise to ensure every candidate is entirely informed about their journey, including the timeline they can expect the process to follow and what the next steps will entail.

The executive search process often endures for several months and involves various steps from initiation to completion. Waldon communicates with active candidates on a regular basis and updates them on every step in a time-efficient manner.

In the case of a client wanting to terminate the process, the candidate will receive a complete explanation regarding the reasons for such a decision.

Reliable Long-Term Advisor

Our purpose is to create and build long-term and meaningful relationships with our clients and our candidates. If a candidate feels our partnership does not reflect the trust we strive to achieve, they have the full right to withdraw.

If a candidate isn’t hired for a particular position, we would still like to maintain a relationship with them and consider them for other positions in the future. We do this by staying in contact over time and updating them on upcoming opportunities they may be interested in.

Walden is invested in more than just filling a vacant position. We sincerely care about your future, growth, and objectives.

Reviewing and Revising the Terms of Your Offer

Once a client offers you a position in their organization, you will have the opportunity to negotiate the terms of the employment agreement.

Revising your employment contract may involve sensitive topics that are often difficult to address. That is where Walden can step in and serve as an intermediary to facilitate communication. You can present us with any issue you are hesitant to discuss directly with the client, and we will act as a channel of effective communication.

Once the process is complete, you will sign the provided employment agreement and start your journey to success. Walden will remain involved and get in touch with you to ensure you’re integrated effectively. Candidates are invited to raise any concerns that may arise during the course of their employment, and we will do our best to resolve the matter.